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Limit theory for bivariate central and bivariate intermediate dual generalized order statistics

  1. Haroon M. Barakat
  2. E. M. Nigm
  3. M. A. Abd Elgawad


Burkschat et al. (2003) have introduced the concept of dual generalized order statistics (dgos) to unify several models that produce descendingly ordered random variables (rv’s) like reversed order statistics, lower k-records and lower Pfeifer records. In this paper we derive the limit distribution functions (df’s) of bivariate central and bivariate intermediate m-dgos. It is revealed that the convergence of the marginals of the m-dgos implies the convergence of the joint df. Moreover, we derive the conditions under which the asymptotic independence between the two marginals occurs.

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Probability and Mathematical Statistics

35, z. 2, 2015

Strony od 267 do 284

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